2020 Clinic Schedule

Friday, January 10th                                                                                                        Updated 12/20/10

5:00pm          Registration Opens

6:00pm to 6:50pm

  • How to Build a Sprinter  -  Leon McKenzie (Benson HS)

  • Distance/XC Training  -  Chase Wells (Marist HS)

  • Long Jump  -  Tianna Bartoletta (Olympic/World Champion - University of California, Berkeley)

  • T&F Injury Reduction: Case Studies  -  Jon van den Boogaart PT, DPT, SCS, OCS (Aloha HS)

7:00pm to 7:50pm

  • Shot Put  -  April Smith (formerly Fresno State Univ.)

  • The Evolving T&F Coach  -  Peter Thompson (IAAF Global Coaches Education)

  • Pole Vault pt.1  -  Tim Reilly (NW Vault Club)

  • High Jump  -  Martha Mendenhall (Flop House High Jump Club)

8:00pm to 8:50pm

  • Recruiting, Training and Retaining Officials - USATF Oregon

  • Preparing for Peak Performance  -  Mitch Crouser (Olympic coach)

  • Pole Vault pt.2  -  Tim Reilly

  • Relays  -  Charles Ryan (University of California, Berkeley)

Saturday, January 11th

8:00am          Doors Opens

9:00am to 10:20am

  • Discus  -  April Smith

  • Plyometric for Sprints and Hurdles  -  Neil Young (USATF-3, IAAF-5, USATF Instructor)

  • Building Team Culture  -  Casey Jermyn (Bozeman HS)

  • Blocks and Starts  -  Leon McKenzie

10:30 to 11:50 am

***KEYNOTE SPEAKER***  -  Tianna Bartoletta

11:50 to 1:00pm


1:00pm to 2:20pm

  • Innovative Ways to Build our Sport - Michael Bergmann (Portland Track, President)

  • Training the Female Runner  -  Women's Running Coaches Collective (Panel Discussion)

  • Training Multi-Sport Athletes  -  Simone Terry (USATF-3, IAAF-5, USATF Instructor)

  • Hurdles  -  Charles Ryan

2:30pm to 3:50pm

  • Javelin  -  April Smith

  • Primed to Perform and Recover, Mid-Distance Focused - Peter Thompson

  • Triple Jump  -  Neil Young

  • Head Coaching Best Practices  -  Panel Discussion